Sunday 23 March 2014

Back At It

Wow.  What a long winter!  I think I was in hibernation mode for the last few months.  Sadly this little blog and my TpT store have been on hold.  With the promise of spring just around the corner - I hope - I am back at it!

So here is my first real math resource!  Fractions in Action!  And here are a few preview pages:

I thought I'd have a little sale to celebrate!  Click below to connect to my TpT store.

Happy Spring - 

Sunday 22 September 2013

pirates, I AM, book bins + word work freebies

So far so good!  It has certainly been an adjustment getting back to full time teaching.  But it was a smart decision for me!  And once again I am a lucky lady to have the group of grade 2s I do!  They are full of potential and with a bit of encouragement, I can't wait to see how they do this year.
I thought I'd share a couple pics, a new bulletin board craftivity (I just added to my TpT store) and a couple freebies to go with my Words Rule! word work program.  So here goes!
We started off the year with a pirate themed bulletin board for our Open House.  I will be honest that it was quite the stretch to have them independently work on the I Am poems.  But I hope to work through this and teach them some stamina and patience this year during our writing time!  You can find my "Argh" You Ready To Learn! craftivity pack {here}.

One little guy wrote that he hoped he could work at Wendy's!  I sometimes forget how little these grade 2s are at the beginning of the year!

Next up word work.  I was a bit worried when I went through their BLAM folders the first week.  Reading levels from D to Q.  Yikes!  Though pretty average now a days to have such a range, it is still a bit of a shocker.  Needless to say when I tested them from the List 1 words, the average was about 10-12 / 32 words.  I have my work cut out for me this year!

I was so happy with the last 2 weeks of my word work program.  Not only are they picking up the word patterns, but they are recognizing them in the words around them.  Phew!

I whipped up a couple supplements to my program.  You can find the word searches {here}, my spelling quiz sheet {here} and a wh digraph sound sort {here}.  I only did 2 different sorts this time, so cut in strips before distributing!


And on to a couple pics.  Read to Self and Read to Someone are a hit!  Not only are they finding great spots to read, they are respectful of their peers, on task and they love it.  Which makes for a very happy teacher!


Honestly, check out all those sticky notes!  They even had to ask me to put another poster up because they had more visualization stickies to add!  Wa hoo!

Friday 30 August 2013

I Think I'm Ready + A Labour Day Sale!

What a week moving schools and setting up for a new school year beginning Tuesday!  It's looking pretty good, I will take some picks next week.

I just added the October Word Work Booklet + Activities to the September resource on my TpT.  You can check it out here.

Oh and I'm having a sale to celebrate a new beginning!  From tomorrow (Aug 31) to Labour Day (Mon. Sept. 2) you can purchase resources for 20% off!  Yahoo!

Back to the cottage for a little rest before I start up again.  Kerri

Saturday 17 August 2013

Where has the summer gone? and a back to school sale!

I love summer!  But I will admit I also love getting ready for a new school year!  This year I have another move (10th school in 12 years).  Yikes!  But I am teaching grade 2 again so that is a bonus.  Back to full time, so I look forward to adding math resources to my TpT store!

Check out Krista Wallden for great graphics!

I have a few new resources I've worked on this summer to share.  Just in time for the big (28% off) sale at Teachers Pay Teachers!  Here are the descriptions.  Click on the pictures to take you to the products.  All resources included curriculum connections.  I Can statements connect to the Ontario Curriculum + Common Core!

Words Rule!  This is my 2nd + 3rd grade spelling program I created and used in my classroom for the last 2 years.  I have posted a Words Rule! Bundle which includes the program, posters and dictionary.  I have also posted the posters and dictionary separately to supplement your word work program.

September Word Work Booklet  This resource is perfect for independent work or pairs during word work, daily 5 or literacy centers.  I plan to add an October to this product, so it is a perfect time to purchase as you will receive the October update before the price increases :)

Daily Math Activities  I can't wait to use this resource!  I love my word work program and I wanted to create a 15 minute program for transition time after recess.  40 weeks of number of the week and survey of the week are provided.  I intend to copy the page back-to-back to keep it simple.  The best news is that it is editable!  Some activities are intended for independent work or pairs.  I have also included some small group or teacher-led activities.

Letters in the Classroom Set 2  I created this set using Melonheadz Kids.  Again I can't wait to use these letters this year for pen pals.  Perfect for teaching asking and answering questions as well as writing personal narratives.  A variety of page options are included so that you can differentiate for your students.

Monday 27 May 2013

games in the classroom, mothers day and my ducklings leave home

Last week my ducklings hatched on my birthday.  Check out the cuties when their mommy came back the next day for the rest!  I didn't sleep very well worrying they were left behind.  I should have known better after watching her sit constantly on her nest for the last month.  They made the 5 floor drop and are now at the park.

One of my students wrote this sweet birthday note for me in his agenda.  Honestly how cool for a grade 3 kids to say: thanks for just being you.  Melt my heart!
I updated my choice board for my story writing / reading for fluency topics.  So of course it was time to create a new game!  To make your own you will need Jenga and a variety of characters, settings / times and plots.  I just taped them on front and back. 
To introduce, in a circle kids draw a block.  They share with the class and decided which story element it is. 
To use at the choice board, students play like jenga with a small group (or self) to pull a character + setting / time + plot then write a story in their writing notebook.  This could also be used as an oral storytelling activity.

With EQAO starting today, last week we practiced the multiple choice writing questions using Sorry!  It was a hit!

I didn't get a chance to post our Mother's Day art.  Take a peek below to see their book covers.  The kids loved it so much they asked if we could do it again for Father's Day.  Of course I said yes :)
Lastly, one of my kids loves the Origami Yoga books.  So I had him teach the class.  It was a great opportunity for this little one to recognize what it means to teach and listen to your peers!  By the end he was saying: "don't come up to me, just raise your hand."

Sunday 12 May 2013

Love Notes and Persuasive Posters

Every morning I check in with my kids.  I call their name from my list and they check their agenda for notes.  They don't often have anything, but I like teasing them anyways.  Of course they tease me right back with no, never, not a chance.  Well this week a couple of my gr3s took it upon themselves to write me notes in their agendas.  They totally made my day!  Here's a peek at their unexpected love notes:

A couple weeks back I wrote about our Earth Day activities.  Here is the follow-up activity: creating a persuasive poster and a couple poster samples from my kids.

Monday 6 May 2013