Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fairy Tale Companion Part 2: Princess Pen Pals

With Term 2 right around the corner, I got a brainwave when I found the book: Dear Cinderella by Marian Moore and Mary Jane Kensington.  Princess Pen Pals!  This resource is for my little girl on an IEP.  She loves princess and fairies (still working on this one).  Check it out at my TpT store.

Curriculum Connections:
R1.7  Analysing Texts (mod – Gr.3)
     I can identify the main character from fairy tales. 
     I can retell 2 events from the fairy tale.
R3.2  Reading Unfamiliar Words (mod – Gr.3)
     I can sort 6 words by ABC order.
     I can sort 5 words by number of syllables. 
     I can sort 5 words by common spelling patterns (short and long vowels).
W1.3  Research (mod – Gr.3)
     I can support my ideas for writing from teacher read-alouds, mentor texts and media texts.
W2.1  Form (mod – Gr.3)
     I can write a friendly letter from the point of view of a fairy tale princess.
W3.2 Spelling Unfamiliar Words (mod – Gr.3)
     I can change 5 base words by adding common endings (dance/dancing).
     I can choose 5 best adjectives - comparative or superlative (fair/fairest).
     I can find 3 common words within a word.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Valentine Word Work freebie

So I took a little break from working on my report cards and put together a word work freebie for Valentine's Day.  Kids match contractions with the words that make them.  Copy pockets and hearts on coloured card stock and laminate.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Where has the day gone? + Word Sort FREEBIE

It is a beautiful day.  Just in between school and yoga classes so I thought I'd reconnect with the blog! 

In word study we have moved on to Long Vowel Sounds (a and e so far).  You can find my word sorts for these spelling patterns here.

We have also been enjoying a book study for Chocolate Fever.  We are working through Amy Lemons' Chocolate Fever unit.  Love it!  What a great book!  The kids are really enjoying it and hate it when each chapter is over.  Definitely a sign of a good book!

Chocolate Fever

I was inspired to create a follow-up unit and can't wait to share it with you soon!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Reading Response Booklets

I loved the tic tac toe concept for responding to reading that I used last year.  Students love choice, but I love controlled choice!  I want my students to feel that they are making decisions as they read, but when you have young children, they need guidance to make these decisions.  I also like how you can add as many pages as you like into each booklet. 

These booklets are perfect for independent, guided and home reading programs.  I wanted to create Reading Response Booklets to encourage students to think as they read and apply a variety of reading and comprehension strategies. Students will: infer, evaluate, use schema, explore text features, elements of a story, just the facts (determine important information) and identify story grammar. 

I can't wait to introduce them to my kids this week!  You can find my Reading Response Booklets at my TpT store.


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Word Work Monopoly is Here!

I have been wanting to make a Word Work Monopoly for a while.  We just finished off consonant blends in the classroom before the holidays.  So what a perfect way to consolodate and extend our learning by playing a new game!  This game focuses on Initial Consonant Blends.  You can find the game at my TpT store.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Consonant Blends Trouble + a little sale

Happy New Years!  I polished off my Consonant Blends Trouble just in time for another little sale.  Click on the picture below to find the product at my TpT store.  Enjoy!