Monday, 27 May 2013

games in the classroom, mothers day and my ducklings leave home

Last week my ducklings hatched on my birthday.  Check out the cuties when their mommy came back the next day for the rest!  I didn't sleep very well worrying they were left behind.  I should have known better after watching her sit constantly on her nest for the last month.  They made the 5 floor drop and are now at the park.

One of my students wrote this sweet birthday note for me in his agenda.  Honestly how cool for a grade 3 kids to say: thanks for just being you.  Melt my heart!
I updated my choice board for my story writing / reading for fluency topics.  So of course it was time to create a new game!  To make your own you will need Jenga and a variety of characters, settings / times and plots.  I just taped them on front and back. 
To introduce, in a circle kids draw a block.  They share with the class and decided which story element it is. 
To use at the choice board, students play like jenga with a small group (or self) to pull a character + setting / time + plot then write a story in their writing notebook.  This could also be used as an oral storytelling activity.

With EQAO starting today, last week we practiced the multiple choice writing questions using Sorry!  It was a hit!

I didn't get a chance to post our Mother's Day art.  Take a peek below to see their book covers.  The kids loved it so much they asked if we could do it again for Father's Day.  Of course I said yes :)
Lastly, one of my kids loves the Origami Yoga books.  So I had him teach the class.  It was a great opportunity for this little one to recognize what it means to teach and listen to your peers!  By the end he was saying: "don't come up to me, just raise your hand."

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