Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Name City - visual arts idea

Here is an art idea I had for the beginning of year - create a name cityQuite a few years ago I was in an airport and there was a mural of words that created a city.  Here is my version: the students trace an apartment or house template (depending on size of name) to outline the space for their name.  They then add details such as windows and doors as well as green space around.  They will cut these out so all trees / flower gardens must be attached to their building.  The students outline their art with a black sharpie.  Lastly they colour using pencil crayons.

GR 2+3 Curriculum Connections:
GR3 SS Compare buildings and structures in urban and rural communities.
GR2+3 VA D1.1 Create two-dimensional works of art that have the community as their subject.
Elements of Design: shape and form: symmetrical shapes, asymmetrical shapes and forms in both the human-made environment and the natural world (e.g., shapes and forms in buildings).

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