Saturday, 6 August 2011

Last Night's Nightmares

Here's my favourite poem to begin the school year:  Last Night's Nightmares by Kenn Nesbitt.  This poem has great vocab that interests both boys and girls.  It is also a great small group activity for the beginning of the year.  The poem can be found at: Last Night's Nightmares.

Teacher Prep - cut the poem into individual words and put in a baggy.  Provide the students with a poem in a bag, a piece of constuction paper and glue. 

The Activity - the students piece together their own poem / story titled "Last Night's Nightmares."  You can encourage your students to recognize capitals and punctuation.  Each group shares their new version of the poem.  When each group has presented share the original poem.  EXTENSION: the students can dramatize their poem or they can create a comic strip.

Find more poetry by Kenn Nesbitt at:
Find more funny poetry for kids at: Giggle Poetry.

GR 2+3 Curriculum Connections:
Reading Familiar Words 3.1 Automatically read and understand many high-frequency words.
Writing Classifying Ideas 1.4 Sort information for their writing in a variety of ways, with support and direction.
Writing Punctuation 3.4 Use punctuation to help communicate their intended meaning (periods, commas).
Oral Communication Active Listening Strategies 1.2 Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate listening behaviour by using active listening strategies in order to contribute meaningfully and work constructively in groups.

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