Monday, 29 October 2012

Words Rule - spelling program

When I changed to grade 2/3 I asked my teacher colleagues what Word Study program they used.  Here is the current program I follow which came from a friend, who got it from a friend and so on.

Monday - Write 5 new words for the week in a sentence on a chart paper.  Cover the word.  Students guess the covered words.  Discuss what the words have in common (word pattern).  Students write the words in their agenda.
Tuesday - Students box the words and write a sentence for each word.  If students are unsure how to spell a word in the sentence, they underline the word.  We share sentences at the carpet and 5 new students add sentences to the class list.  When I review their notebooks, I use the editing marks.  Students make corrections.
Wednesday - Whole group Hangman.  Students follow along in their Spelling Journals.  Like Hangman, students guess letters to reveal the mystery word.  Choose 1 student to draw on the whiteboard.  Students build small words from the mystery word.
Thursday - Word Sorting and Word Work Games.
Friday - Spelling quiz: 5 words + 1 bonus sentence. The sentence uses a few of the week's words. The sentence has to be completely correct, including all: spelling, capitalization and proper punctuation.

Each week as we edit writing, spelling or when students ask how to spell a word, I write it down.  I add them to a pocket chart Words from Writing.  We sort these words according to pattern rules on our word wall, or other sorting means.  You can find 2 weeks of words from writing here.

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