Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cyber Monday and Making Choices

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I have finally updated my choice bins for literacy.  You can find my Daily 5 bin labels here. This past week the children explored our Work on Writing and Word Work Games bins.  They were a hit!

I love this choice board!  Research and Word Work Games are certainly the favourites so far.  Here are the kids at work with Word Work Trouble (practicing punctuation skills with You've Been "Punct!) and Research (completing datapillars with these great Lakeshore research cards I've had for years).

You can find my research paper chains here.

I added 5 whole class journals to my Work on Writing literacy bin.  Here's how they turned out:
You can find my 5 whole class journal labels here.

There are some great freebies for Work on Writing online.  Check out: The School Potato and Second Story Window for some great ideas on whole class journals and journal prompts.

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