Saturday, 20 April 2013

honestly mother nature ... and another Earth Day freebie

So last week looked like this:
Which resulted in an unexpected snow day  :)  Happy day until we got back to school the next day to a big leaky pipe in the classroom :(  Thank goodness it wasn't around the computers, etc!

The next day the crocuses bloomed!  How pretty and full of promise those early bloomers are.  Of course this morning it snowed again.  Honestly mother nature!

With Earth Day on Monday, I got a head start this week.  Here is Step 1: The Research, and a little earth day freebie for bigger kids.  The focus this year is on climate change.  How have we have caused global warming and habitat loss and how can we help our local environment?  Click {here} or on the printable below for your copy.  I will add Step 2: The Persuasive Poster next week.  I haven't quite worked it out in my mind!

Curriculum Connections:
R1.4, W1.5 + OC2.4 
I can identify and order main ideas and supporting details to be used to develop persuasive poster. 
I can use vocabulary and technical terms to discuss climate change.
ML3.1, ML3.4 + VA2.1
I can identify the topic, purpose and audience for the poster I plan to create. 
I can convey a message to a target audience (my peers). 
I can choose words to express my feelings about the environment in my poster.
OC2.7 , ML3.3, W3.7 + VA 1.4 
I can use some appropriate elements of effective presentation on a poster (visual aid) to attract attention: fonts, graphics, colour and layout.
How can you use these features to communicate your message effectively?” 
I can use a variety of materials, tools and techniques to respond to design challenges.
“How can you use the textures and shapes of sticks, leaves, or stones to express your ideas about the natural environment?” 
(Artist Connection: Andy Goldsworthy)
R1.8, VA1.1 + OC2.3 
I can present information and express opinions / feelings about ideas in texts inspired by the environment. 
I can make a sculpture / draw a picture depicting a solution to the problem of litter in my community.
I can use appropriate speaking behaviour in small-group discussions and large-group presentations.

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