Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fairy Tale Companion Part 2: Princess Pen Pals

With Term 2 right around the corner, I got a brainwave when I found the book: Dear Cinderella by Marian Moore and Mary Jane Kensington.  Princess Pen Pals!  This resource is for my little girl on an IEP.  She loves princess and fairies (still working on this one).  Check it out at my TpT store.

Curriculum Connections:
R1.7  Analysing Texts (mod – Gr.3)
     I can identify the main character from fairy tales. 
     I can retell 2 events from the fairy tale.
R3.2  Reading Unfamiliar Words (mod – Gr.3)
     I can sort 6 words by ABC order.
     I can sort 5 words by number of syllables. 
     I can sort 5 words by common spelling patterns (short and long vowels).
W1.3  Research (mod – Gr.3)
     I can support my ideas for writing from teacher read-alouds, mentor texts and media texts.
W2.1  Form (mod – Gr.3)
     I can write a friendly letter from the point of view of a fairy tale princess.
W3.2 Spelling Unfamiliar Words (mod – Gr.3)
     I can change 5 base words by adding common endings (dance/dancing).
     I can choose 5 best adjectives - comparative or superlative (fair/fairest).
     I can find 3 common words within a word.

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